Ric Flair Reveals Who He Thinks Are The Two Greatest Wrestlers Today

ric flair

Ric Flair has revealed on a recent edition of WWE’s The Bump that he believes that Randy Orton & Charlotte Flair are the best wrestlers in the business today.

When the 16-time world champion was asked his opinion on who he believed were the best in-ring performers, ‘The Nature Boy’ responded:-


Randy Orton

“I do think that Randy Orton is one of the best workers in the business today. It’s easy to name five guys, but there is only one guy and one girl who is the best. Randy and Charlotte are the best. They’ve worked their ass off to get there.”
Neither name will come as a huge surprise for WWE fans considering his relationship to Charlotte and the fact that he and Orton were stablemates in Evolution. Nevertheless, Flair rebuffed the suggestion that picking his daughter as one of the greatest workers in the modern era is biased, insisting that her run in WWE speaks for itself…

“Charlotte has been here for five years. As I said, she’s been the champion 12 times, or whatever it is. There could have been 30 girls who could’ve been the champion 12 times. There’s a reason why they made her the champion once.”


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