Roger Federer embroiled in controversy after alleged sneaky promotion

Roger Federer has been keeping busy during the coronavirus pandemic and recently promoted his personal shoe brand ‘The Roger’ in a highly-anticipated launch.

The 20-time Grand Slam champ will sit out the remainder of the 2020 season after surgery on his knee, but this has afforded the highest-earning sport star in the world a chance to promote ‘The Roger’ sneaker in collaboration with Swiss sportswear brand ‘On Running’.



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The Swiss maestro appeared in an interview with Nicola Spirig and SRFSport and talked about an array of subjects.

But Federer now finds himself in the middle of controversy after ‘The Roger’ logo was present during the interview.


The interview was broadcasted recently, but was reportedly filmed around the same time he launched the shoes.

But fans noticed the logo and a replica of his shoes appeared in the interview.

Advertising on Swiss television does not break any rules.

But laws dictate viewers must be made aware advertising will occur for more than a minute before or after the program and in this case allegedly this did not occur, according to Sportskeeda.

SRF Sport have released a statement hitting back, but have shifted the blame to the television camera angles.

“SRF never intended to offer the shoe brand a platform. There was no agreement between SRF and the shoe manufacturer,” a statement, translated by Sportskeeda read.

“The goal was that the shoe and the shoe brand should not be visible in the picture. However, not all camera settings were optimally selected.”

The Federal Office of Communication are looking into the matter, according to Swiss website NZZ.

But there has been no word from Federer, who is the co-owner of the brand.



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