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‘Roger Federer is one of the greatest men in the history of sport,’ says Rafael Nadal



Rafael Nadal as described old rival Roger Federer as ‘one of the greatest men in the history of sport.’

Federer and Nadal built one of the most iconic rivalries in tennis in the early part of their careers, although that relationship has now mellowed to one of deep mutual respect and friendship.

And, as far as Nadal is concerned, Federer’s quality transcends tennis.

“Roger Federer is one of the greatest men in the history of sport,” Nadal told Corriere Della Sera

“He was my great rival; and this has benefited both of us, and tennis a little too.

“In some things we are alike: we care for tranquillity, for family. In others we are different.”

When Nadal was quizzed on exactly how they are different, he said they wre different characters almost down to the core.

“Well, he’s Swiss, I am Latin. We have different characters, cultures, ways of life,” he said.

The rumour mill has always claimed that their relationship changed when Federer visited Nadal’s academy in Mallorca, but he says that one isn’t true.

“Nothing has changed, because relations were already good; otherwise he would never have come.”

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Football legend, Diego Maradona is dead



Argentina Football legend Diego Maradona is dead.

The former Argentina player reportedly died after suffering a cardiac arrest, according to reports in Argentina.

According to the Argentina newspaper Clarín, the football legend suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest at his home.

His death is coming just two weeks after he left the hospital.

The Argentinian began his career at Boca Juniors before he went to Barcelona where he won the Copa del Rey trophy.

He won the World Cup with Argentina in 1986.

Maradona also became a legend in Naples with two Serie A titles with Napoli.

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