Roger Federer Reveals Hollywood Stars To Act In His Biography

Roger Federer

If we’re being honest, we have all dreamt about a Roger Federer movie. The Swiss Maestro has been the face of the sport for as long as we can remember and the script just writes itself.


However, a movie as big as this one would require some mega star power. One thing’s for sure, there’s no dearth of Hollywood stars who would like to portray Roger Federer on the big screen. Federer was once asked if he would want a movie to be made on the rivalry between him and Rafael Nadal.

Roger Federer and Alan Jones

There’s precedent to this as there’s already a film that has been made on the epic rivalry between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg. However, no other rivalry even comes close to the intensity of the clashes between Roger and Rafa. Let’s find out whom Roger picked as his ideal choice to play himself.


Whom would Roger Federer want to play his role in a movie?
Roger was characteristically humble as he said that there was little chance of a movie being made on him and Rafa. However, if and when the possibility did arise, he had his list of probable actors sorted out.

Roger Federer

“I doubt there ever will be a movie about Rafa and me,” he said, according to Esquire. “But if there is, I’d like Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio, or a James Bond like guy to play me.”

Leonardo DiCaprio shines out as the best option. Firstly, because his physical appearance resembles Roger Federer to the best degree. In addition, DiCaprio has a knack for starring in biographical dramas.

Leonardo DiCaprio

He will soon be playing the role of Teddy Roosevelt in a film made by his favourite director Martin Scorsese. Needless to say, Leonardo DiCaprio certainly knows how to play real people. It will certainly be great to see him on-screen as Roger Federer. What would be your choice?

Roger Federer and the kids


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