Sasha Banks vs Bayley at Hell in a Cell Will Have an Unexpected Outcome – Here’s Why

Bayley vs Sasha Banks is a rivalry that WWE have taken too long to pull the trigger on. The two put on absolute clinics in NXT in 2015 and were a formidable team on the main roster.

Both superstars have won every active Women’s championship in WWE. Now, they clash in a titanic Hell in a Cell match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Down in NXT, Sasha played the vicious heel, and Bayley played the plucky babyface. Both women were incredibly over with the WWE Universe and that helped in their success on the main roster.

Now, the roles are reversed. Sasha plays the face while Bayley plays the sneaky heel opportunist. Bayley has been incredible as a heel and her run as champion is reminiscent of CM Punk’s 434-day run with the WWE Championship.

Sasha Banks’ popularity has been on a steady increase since she made her main roster debut in 2015. Not only has she been getting increasingly popular with the WWE Universe, she has become one of the best wrestlers in the world, irrespective of gender. Fans would love to see Sasha win the title against Bayley, but is that what WWE have in store at Hell in a Cell?

Predictions for Sasha Banks vs Bayley

The match will be a brutal one in accordance with the animosity between the two. Sasha will be on the offence, unleashing hell on her ex-best friend.

Bayley will weather the initial emotional storm from Sasha and turn the tables on her. She will batter Sasha with chair shots, in a callback to her heel turn on SmackDown. Sasha’s neck would be a target of Bayley’s assault.

Sasha has proven that she can get crafty in the cell. Her match against Becky Lynch was one of the best Hell in a Cell matches in recent memory due to Sasha’s innovation. Expect innovative spots involving kendo sticks, steel chairs, handcuffs and of course- tables. However, it will be Sasha who goes through the table, courtesy of an elbow drop by Bayley.

The closing stretch of the match would be Bayley and Sasha struggling for control on the top rope to avoid going through the tables set up below them. Sasha looks to hit Bayley with a superplex but Bayley’s focus on Sasha’s injured neck prevents her from hitting the move. Bayley manages to push Sasha off of her and looks to hit her with a flying elbow through the tables.

Banks stops Bayley, and is able to hit her with a superplex causing both women to go through the table. Bayley’s arm falls over Sasha’s body as the referee counts to three and she retains the title. This finish would be controversial enough to get people talking, and would be enough to warrant a rematch.

This storyline has enough backstory for it to be a potential WrestleMania main event. Hell in a Cell is only the first chapter in it, hence warranting the controversial finish. But the ending aside, this match would surely be one for the ages.


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