Serena & Venus Williams to Younger Players: Do the work for tennis and then… See more Details

Serena and Venus

The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, showed up on Naomi Campbell’s online show on Monday and talked about a wide scope of themes – from tennis to their style abilities. Campbell, a universal supermodel, dissident, and altruist, is as of now in the third and last seven day stretch of her online show – “No Filter with Naomi” When asked what prompt Venus would provide for hopeful tennis players, the seven-time Grand Slam singles champion Venus remarked, “Accomplish the work for tennis, and afterward let it work for you.

It’s good to beat all to get to the expert level, it is difficult to do or simple to keep up, and it’s certainly feasible. I would state get all that you can out of sports. Work as hard as could be expected under the circumstances, encircle yourself with individuals who are sure, keen, astute, develop you, have your eventual benefits on the most fundamental level, and need to enable you to get where you have to get to.

Serena and Venus winnings

In this way, when you do those things, regardless of whether you go proficient or not, the game will accomplish the work for you. You’ll adapt to such an extent.” Serena totally concurred with her sister on the guidance for the adolescents. “Mic drop, I was unable to put it any better.

What you do and what you learn, it brings the discipline and the drive to do whatever you want to do. Whether you continue in sport or not, you have the elements to keep going in the world.” Venus also spoke about missing playing tennis on the tour currently.

“It’s fun to play Wimbledon and the US Open and the French Open. And we missed our tournaments in our home states of California [Indian Wells] and Florida [Miami]. Growing up, we were the youngest on the totem pole, so we just did everything that our sisters did.

Thankfully we had good role models.” The two also discussed a wide range of other topics including their fashion careers.


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