‘God and family more important than tennis’ – Serena Williams talks about her priorities

Serena-Williams and her husband

Serena Williams is well-known to the broad community as a tennis legend. However, even if the 23-time slam champion has dedicated a substantial portion of her life to the sport, she is well aware that there is more beyond tennis.


The tennis ace puts God and family at the top of her priorities.

“The main thing is, the first thing in my life is God and it always should be and it always will be. And this time off has given me a lot of time to reflect on my spirituality. It’s really important for me and my life to put him first. Then there’s my family and then there’s my job which is tennis. After those two there is tennis,” she said.

Serena and husband
Serena also admitted that business is important, but that comes after God, family and tennis.

“My dad always said growing up God, family, tennis, never put tennis first. And so I’m definitely keeping that. And then there is business. So that’s why my day is so structures, we start out talking about, I’m used to structured days and I don’t have that much structure anymore. Yeah, I Don’t but I kinda still do because I wanna spend the optimized time with my family, my daughter because I’m told that it goes fast,” she added.

Serena is still chasing Margaret Court’s 24-slam record. Even if tennis has been halted, the US Open and the Roland Garros should take place later in the year. This is great news for the American that is still playing great tennis, but at 38 years of age, she will have fewer opportunities to match the Australian.


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