Serena Williams Contributed Generously Amid Covid19 Pandemic

Serena Williams

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the world and has forced people to stay indoors. However, they cannot stay indoors all the time, they have to go out and buy essentials. To protect people when they do this, Serena Williams has come with a plan. Check it out.

Serena in action

Serena Williams To Help Supply Face Covers

As you can see from the post, Serena Williams has partnered with Bella Canvas to supply 45,000 face covers to communities in need. The face covers themselves are free but people will have to pay shipping costs and handling fees.

In the video, Serena explained what motivated her to start this initiative. She said, So, with this practice of social distancing, we have to wear a mask to do all of our daily activities like going to grocery stores. When I went to get a mask, I couldn’t find one. So If I couldn’t get one what about others? This is why I started this.”

This initiative by Serena Williams is a wonderful one and is one that is needed. The coronavirus has infected over 3 million people and has killed over 200,000. The spread of the virus must be controlled and face covers will surely help with that which is why this initiative is so important.

Due to the spread of the virus, the tennis season has been suspended which has left tennis fans stuck at home with no tennis to watch. They will be hoping that the virus is contained soon so that they can see some tennis again in July when the tennis season is supposed to return.

Serena Williams will certainly be hoping for that. She wants to have the opportunity to become the GOAT of women’s tennis by equalling Margaret Court’s record of 24 Grand Slams. Hopefully, She will get that opportunity in July.


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