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Serena Williams enjoys her time away from tennis: “I am pretty serene”



The majority of tennis players find it hard to not perform in tournaments for such a long time, but Serena Williams tries to get the most of the suspension of the WTA tour and relax as much as she can while also making sure she keeps her old injuries under control.

“For me, it’s a breath of fresh air, to be honest. I don’t have to think about anything. I took a lot of time off. I just started training because I was injured for a long time. I don’t feel any pressure, I feel good and I love it because it kind of gives you a glimpse into my future in life.

A lot of people go crazy but I feel like it’s cool and I’m dealing with it. I’m pretty chill in general, I’m pretty serene, like off the board,” Serena said on KindredCast podcast.

When Serena Williams enters a court, she is a different person
Surprised by Williams’ declarations about her relaxed way of acting off-court, the host of Kindredcast reacted: “No one would say that you’re chill on the court!” Truth be told, it’s rare not seeing Serena roaring and putting her heart on the court.

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Prophet caught red handed chewing church member’s wife [WATCH]



A false man of God was caught red-handed chewing the forbidden fruit of a church member who turned to be a married woman.

According to a source, the husband who is yet to be identified instigated the bust, after he had a feeling like something was just wrong when he left home for a funeral ceremony.

The husband then went back to check on his wife only to find this so-called prophet busy having the time of his life on top of the said woman.

When the community was informed all they wanted to do was shame this self-claimed prophet who used the name of God to get into a married woman’s pants.

Surrounded by people who were making fun of him, the prophet ignored the mob’s request of the cheating couple to stand up so they can take pictures.

It sure is an embarrassment what this prophet did using the name of God to sleep someone’s wife.

Watch the video below:

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