Serena Williams recalls first kiss: He kissed me and I hated it


23 time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams recalled her first kiss in a recent interaction with fans, describing it as ‘really awful.’ The former World No. 1 Williams says it happened when she was almost 18 years old.

“I couldn’t answer the question about my first kiss because my husband was in the other room. But as if he’s not gonna see this. It was really awful, my first kiss, to answer the first question. “It was something I’ll never forget, it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

I was almost 18 and I was like I don’t wanna turn 18. And then I was like here’s a guy and he’s graduated from high school and all this other stuff. “Long story short, this guy kissed me in Italy, wild, right.

And it was awful and I thought I remember I felt so sick to my stomach it was awful and I ran home and then one of my best friends, actually Italian. “And I ran home and I was like you know “He kissed me and I hated it”.

I was crying and I was really dramatic. Key word was I’m still very dramatic so I still haven’t really changed”. Williams is currently spending the lockdown with her husband an daughter. She says the recent break has been very good for her body and she cannot wait to return to the tennis circuit.


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