Serena Williams Reveals Her Unusual Allergy–All You Need To Know–

Serena Wiliams

Serena Williams is one of the most hard-working athletes on the court. She is not afraid to break a sweat and go deep into matches which makes her push herself to her absolute limits, something which not every player can do.



It’s obvious that a sport as physically excruciating as tennis requires you to be very careful about your body. And that’s not limited to just the health aspect. You face many other problems like body odor due to the sweat you shed after hours on the court.

Unsurprisingly, due to this, perfume, or any other kind of fragrance is considered a must for any tennis player. However, Serena is unlucky in this regard as she is allergic to perfumes. Let’s find out more about this from Serena Williams herself.

Serena Williams

What did Serena Williams say?
Serena Williams revealed that she is allergic to perfumes in an Instagram live session when asked about her favorite perfume.

“Favorite perfume, uh, I’m allergic to perfume so I need to wear something that’s like fun and fragrance-free, like, that does not burn my skin. So if you have suggestions like that, let me know.”

Serena Williams smiling

It’s not that Serena doesn’t like any kind of fragrance, seeing as she has even invested in one such company. Thes brand, called Skylar Fragrances, prides itself on producing natural scents.

“I just found one that works for me called Skylar. I’m an investor in a lot of companies, and this company reached out to someone on my team. I love natural scents because I have been allergic to perfume and haven’t worn it for years. I absolutely loved these, so now I’m an investor in the brand as well.”

Serena Williams and kiki

It’s good that Serena Williams has something which works for her. The situation she faces is peculiar and can turn very problematic in certain situations. However, if you have as much money as she does, it’s really not an issue.


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