Why i broke up with serena Williams”Ex-Boyfriend?

Why i broke up with serena Williams


Serena Williams, a name that pops up almost whenever talking about WTA Tour corresponding to her numerous successful endeavors and influence on the younger generation, surprisingly is cared for by her ex-boyfriend as well.


Why i broke up with serena Williams"Ex-Boyfriend?

Popular hip-hop artist and actor, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, who goes by his stage name ‘Common’ dated the American icon, William, from 2007-2010, a relationship which was reported to have gone on and off.

In an interview cum talk show at The Meredith Vieira Show, Common was asked about his relationship with Serena and what drove him to upload a congratulatory tweet for Williams winning the Australian Open 2015.



Why i broke up with serena Williams"Ex-Boyfriend?

“It’s OK though! We’ve got a great understanding, and I care about her as a person. Most of the women that I’ve dealt with, I care about, so we can keep that friendship…You still have that respect and love for them and still want to see them do well,” Common said on The Meredith Vieira Show.

Why did Serena Williams break up with Lonnie Rashid Lynn AKA ‘Common’
Serena Williams’s success in tennis and achievement in the fortitude of milestones eventually brought her closer to Hollywood where she met her ex-boyfriend and rapper Common.



The relationship reportedly had gone sour per Williams’s statement in an interview with Harper Bazaar in 2010 because Common had a schedule jam-packed and worse than hers leading them unable to spend more time together which ultimately led them to drift apart.

“His schedule is actually worse than mine,” she said. “He didn’t want the responsibility. It’s really tough,” added Williams.



Common once opened up about his relationship with Williams back in 2014 talking to Uptown magazine, the rapper said, “If I’m in it as much as I was with Serena, as much as I loved her…it takes time to heal and find that peace to be able to move on. It was kinda eventually a mutual thing, but she initiated it.”

The couple had dated for 3 years and the relationship, although, nothing less than a roller-coaster ride, always had room for respect between the two.


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