Srdjan Djokovic: Roger Federer? A great champion but not as great as Novak Djokovic

srdjan djokovic

Srdjan Djokovic was more than satisfied with the way he raised Novak Djokovic as he believes his way turned out to be the right one and his son ended up being one the greatest tennis players. Djokovic, ranked at No. 1 in the world, has been one of the players on the Tour for nearly a decade and a half now.

The 33-year-old is the third player on the all-time Grand Slam record list with 17 Majors captured. Also, the Serb is the third player on the list of those players who have spent the most weeks as world No. 1. Over the course of Djokovic’s career, his father spoke many times about how tough it was to make it out of Serbia.

Once they realized that their son was a big talent, the Djokovic family turned all of their focus to helping Novak. Djokovic senior went some extreme ways — which included borrowing money to help his son go to junior tournaments.

Financially it wasn’t easy but the Djokovic family made a decision to incest in their son at all costs and it paid off. “My way turned out to be the right one, and you gentlemen if you think you know better, then show me, make the best athlete in the world four times, then come across the table and talk to me.

Until then, (stay in the) mouse hole,” Djokovic senior said on Sport Klub’s Spor(t)light.

‘Roger Federer is a great champion but not as great as Novak Djokovic’
Djokovic senior has praised his son’s big-rival Federer but he doesn’t think the Swiss is on the level of the 33-year-old world No 1.

Federer, 38, holds the two biggest records of the game as he is a record 20-time Grand Slam champion and he has spent most weeks as world No. 1. But Djokovic senior appears to have no doubt that his son will eventually surpass Federer and that the two can’t be compared.

“When it comes to Federer, he is like that, cold, a Swiss, a great rival and a great, great champion, but he is not big enough to be like Novak,” Djokovic senior claimed. Novak Djokovic beat Federer en route to winning this year’s Australian Open and since then he has admitted multiple times that his big goal is to break Federer’s records.


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