Spending hours on smartphone not that bad for adolescents

I really bless the name of the Lord who revealed the secret of the devil to those that fear him and I thank him for been a covenant keeping God. What has he said he will do, he will do it and he said the secret of the Lord is with those that fear him. To those who fear Him, He shows the great and mighty things; so he had revealed the device for this battle and that is what we are here to discuss.


Galatians 5:19-21

“Now the work of the flesh (devil’s device) are manifested as these: Adultery, Fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulation, wrath, strife, sedition, heresies.

Envying, murders, drunkenness, reveling and such like; of which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

The devil is a soldier in a war front and as a soldier is not complete without a strategy at a battle field, so is the devil. The strategy the devil wants to use to get through to the Almighty God is the youth, he is using you and I as a youth in the battle field. Your life and my life’s success is what they are striving for and that is the battle field, and it is whom you choose that decides the winner of your life.

There is one important thing on the battle field that determines a winner and that is weapon. The device and weapon of the devil to overcome the youth is “sin”. He knew that God loves you and I and he will not stop at nothing until he ensures you are ruined and you do not reach your goal. The devil also knows one thing for sure that God hates sins and those that have their hands full of it.

The devil has made his research and found out that the eyes of the Lord is against the sinner and that is why he has employ the weapon of sins mentioned in Galatians 5:19-21 and Exodus 20:1-20 because he wants the eyes of the Lord to be far from you in order to carry out his evil assignment against you.

The devil is not strong as he seems to be but he is smart and he is using smartness to afflict youth with their ignorance, he made them rise against their own destiny because the only thing that can stop you is you, through your sin. So the devil is using sin as a weapon against you to fight against your own divine destiny because he knew that the thought of God for you is of good and not of evil. So he never wants the plan and the purpose of God to come into manifestation.


Every smart person always has a special way they operate and I call it techniques, that techniques make them special and operate a high level of smartness and intelligence. The same way that every smart person has a way of doing things, that is the same way the smart devil has his own special way of getting his plan into action.

The devil wants to get you into his plan by drawing you to see and be far from God but he have to make it happen in one way or the other so he has a techniques of getting to you. I know you have to know those dirty ways so that you can be free finally from him and I have listed them down:

  • HE FIND YOUR WEAKNESS: Little wonder the Bible says “let he that thinks he stands be watchful, less he falls”. The devil is going about looking for your errors and mistakes, looking for your loop holes so that he can launch his attack from there. He is looking for a legal ground in your life to afflict you and until you work on your weakness then the devil will use it to weaken you and drive you out of the plan and purpose of God for your life.


The devil wants to know that habit in your life that you can’t do without, he is looking for that thing that God hates and you can’t stop doing. He is looking for that so he can capitalize on it to drive you from the presence of God because God detests the sin in your hand then he will be far from you and the devil will be able to laugh last over you. The devil is like a roaring lion looking for your weakness to devour you.


Do you love womanizing and it’s hard to do without it? The devil wants to use fornication to destroy you. Do you love money and you can do anything to get it? The devil wants to destroy you with the love of money such as stealing, ritual killings, fraud and prostitution. Do you hate others and envy them or you don’t want anyone to be great as you? The devil wants to kill your destiny with envy, hatred, bitterness and selfishness.


The devil attacks individual on their weaknesses so that he can get hold of them and their destiny, and the issue of weakness did not respect any man until you deal with it. Some pastors smoke, fornicate, steal, rape, burning with excessive anger and just because they gave their life to Christ they never bother to deal with their weaknesses thereafter. You need to be delivered.


  • ENTICEMENT: Not all that glitter is gold and even all gold must first fire pass through fire to be good and real. Many youth today are driven away from destiny because they want the good things of life but never want to wait or work for it, they just want everything to come like miracle or let me say like manna. The devil knows this fact and he is attacking youth greatly with things that seems good in life. He is enticing and drawing away our attention with cars, mansions, clothes, phones, gold and silvers, shoes, designers and accessories and gadgets, beautiful and wonderful things so that we can neglect our destiny and pursue those things that never matter.


The devil is so wise that he knew that you will have them anyway if you fulfilled destiny but he hides that fact away from you and flashes you with them to make you feel good and desperate to have them. He is enticing you with those things that will never last to deprive you of all the good plan of God for your life which you will enjoy as due.


He flashes you with a car that can kill your destiny now to stop you from getting the car that you will get after fulfilling your destiny and you have gone to great places in life. Many youth run to money today and will do anything to get it and forgetting that if you work hard, you will have them even more abundantly. The devil is using his limited resource to deprive you of the unlimited resource of God for you. Be wise.


The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and no wonder those who lack the fear of God die as a fool. The devil did not have the fear of God and that made him lost his place in heaven and he is dying gradually as a fool but he wants to fool many to believe he is wise and helpful, that is why he made many lost the fear of God. The fear of God means that thou shall not commit adultery, fornication, steal, kill, worship other god, etc. But the devil attacks them and made them think that the best thing they could get from life is what God is depriving them of doing.

He succeeded in removing the fear of God from Adam and Eve by telling them to eat what God forbad them and he is still doing that today, telling you and I, to fornicate to have fun, drink to be fine and steal to be rich because he made them look so good but he knew they are the way to destruction and that’s what he wants for you and I but you need to be smarter than all these devices and techniques. The sure way to be smarter than the devil is to embrace Jesus Christ and study his word; because Christ has defeated the devil thousands of years ago.

To be wise and to grow in God, you need the fear of God that forbids you from those things that will stop you from fulfilling divine destiny. Be wise because that wicked man, your enemy and not your friend is moving about, looking for whom to destroy but you shall not be a victim when you have the fear of God in you.

The devil makes us lust towards the things that can destroy us but he remove that fear of God that will stop us from obeying his command; be wiser and flee from the appearance of evil.

  • ASSOCIATIONS: “Evil communications corrupt good manners” the best way the devil is employing this modern time to get to the youth is using youth against youth, friends against friends, brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters and he has succeeded in many lives but do not be a victim.


I am an example of this word; I was in Christ but my associates with friends that never knew Christ, though they claimed to be Christians but as far as heaven is concerned, they don’t care. They helped me noticed a lady who really was attracted to me. They influenced me into drinking alcohol and at first I never bought their idea but as we got closer, their words sank into my head and it became part of me. I became part of them and even showed others the way to be part of us and that’s how devil operate to expand his kingdom.


This is also for every youth because the devil is advancing by the day and we need to expand in the knowledge of God to tackle his foolishness. Brothers in the church are teaching other brothers how to deceive sisters in the church, sisters are teaching sisters how to patronize men to make money without the knowledge of the pastor, pastor is teaching his fellow pastor the evil way of expanding the church and the kingdom of darkness, students are teaching fellow students how to steal, kill, fraud, ritual activities in order to make money and that has been the order of the day to expand the kingdom of darkness and many youth has been a victim but it’s time we use the same method to depopulate the kingdom of darkness, it’s time we wake up among evil friend, association and denounce yourself from evil gathering finally.


Christian brothers and sisters should stop been shy to preach the gospel to friends because the brothers of darkness are not shy. It’s time we wake up for the salvation of others, let’s use our iron to sharpens others irons.

Glory be to God for his knowledge and wisdom to expose the device of the devil and the techniques he is using to attack the glorious youth and depriving them of good success and great glory. But I want to tell you that the wisdom of God will not reflect in your life if you are not watchful as the Bible says. This is so because it is when you are watchful that you will know when the devil wants to attack you with your weakness, with lust, bad friends or enticement. Be watchful always and pray because you enemy is roaming about looking for a prey to devour but I pray you and I shall not be a victim but we shall be a victor in Jesus name. Amen


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