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The secrets behind Kate Beckinsale’s incredible transformation from ‘ugly duckling’ to glamorous cougar



kate bekinsale

She was seen passionately kissing comedian Jack Whitehall – 15 years her junior – at a karaoke bar in LA before the pair headed to a £2,000-a-night hotel.
Many would be cursing their fading looks in their forties – but the same can’t be said for Kate Beckinsale, who at 45, seems to have reversed the clock when it comes to ageing.

But her bouncing hair and pearly white smile are a long way from what she looked like when she burst on to our screens in the Nineties.

Here, Sun Online reveals the secrets behind Kate’s dramatic transformation.
When Kate burst onto the acting scene, she had yellowing teeth that were slightly crooked.

Now, she has a gleaming Hollywood smile.

She’s previously admitted that she’s had dental cosmetic work done and Dr Uchenna Okoye, a dentist with London Smiling, tells Sun Online she reckons she’s had a gum lift, which “trims and improves the aesthetics of the gums” and costs around £400.


 Kate now swears by facials and minimalist makeup

“It also looks as if she’s had £15,000 veneers – to improve the colour and shape and also expand corners of her smile, as well as whitening,” she adds.

“Her gums look inflamed in the earlier photo, but whitening improves the health of the gums. This procedure costs between £550 to £1,000.”

This means it’s possible she’s spent almost £17,000 on dental work.

Kate may have been regularly voted one of the women in the world, but as a nerdy youngster she “loathed” being a teenager and said she was a “late bloomer”.

 Kate is known for her bouncing brunette hair and balayage treatment



“I was monumentally ugly until I was about 15 so I still have that mindset,” she told a reporter back in 2008.

“I grew up feeling and looking like an ugly duckling and that was such a huge part of my self-image. I could not even accept boys paying me attention.”

Although Kate looks like she’s defied the ageing process, she is adamant that aside from dental work she has had no other plastic surgery done: not even botox.



She’s rumoured to have had a nose job, fillers and a facelift – but denies the claims.



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