The Tennis Podcast: 2002 – Serena Williams; the Slam years begin

Serena and Venus winnings

In 2002, Serena and Venus Williams met in Paris in what would be the first of four successive Grand Slam finals.

Serena Played Tennis

Serena won the lot.

In the latest edition of Roland Garros Re-Lived from The Tennis Podcast, presenters Catherine Whitaker, David Law and Matt Roberts are joined by broadcaster Mary Carillo and Chris Clarey from the New York Times to remember that period in tennis history.

Serena Williams

How did the reactions of the sisters compare when Serena beat Venus in Paris to when Venus had held the trophy at Serena’s expense the previous year in New York?
What did Serena do to take the sport to new heights? And how have their careers shined a light on race issues in tennis?

Roland Garros Re-Lived is running every day through until Sunday. Wimbledon Re-Lived podcasts will be produced daily from June 29 to July 12.


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