This is why everyone loves JaVale McGee’: Lakers star surprises housekeeper with brilliant birthday celebration

Lakers center JaVale McGee surprised his household help Maritza with a birthday celebration, much to the lady’s delight and disbelief.

They say one should judge people not by how they treat those better off, but those worse off than themselves.

Going by this adage, JaVale McGee is definitely one of the good people in the world. Judging from how he treats his longtime housekeeper, it is a lovely experience to work with the 7″ center without a doubt.

McGee is one of those NBA players who document their daily lives as part of vlogs. As of 11th November, the center has over 676,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He started vlogging during his time with the 2016-17 Warriors, with a series called Parking Lot Chronicles gaining a lot of internet popularity.

JaVale McGee’s birthday surprise for houskeeper

Maritza, who turned 35 yesterday, was given a pleasant birthday treatment by her employer. JaVale went to the supermarket, bought a custom cake and threw in some tequilla for good measure for his housekeeper.

When he got back home, the 3-time NBA champion made Maritza close her eyes. He led her to the kitchen where he had the cake and tequila laid out. Maritza couldn’t stop screaming in happiness over the McGee’s sweet gesture.

McGee is currently on a veteran’s minimum contract, with a player option worth $4 million for the 2020-21 season. He still has a ton to offer the Lakers in terms of a rotation big man to give Anthony Davis the rest he needs.

Whether or not he features in the Lakers’ future plans is a matter for another day. But McGee definitely won over a lot of detractors to his side after this gesture of sorts for his employee.


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