Thought losing 3-1 hurt, now this’: Lakers fan Snoop Dogg gets a gift from Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard

Snoop Dogg, a lifelong Lakers fan, teased Clippers fan Marcellus Wiley after receiving Kawhi Leonard’s brand new New Balance sneakers.

Snoop Dogg was one of those involved in the Lakers’ efforts to recruit Kawhi as a free agent last summer. He posted a pitch to his social media handles at the start of free agency, imploring the 2019 Finals MVP to ‘come home’.

Those efforts didn’t do much for the Lakers’ cause as Kawhi formed a super duo of his own with the Clippers. Leonard is not one to pass up on the chance to do some pleasantries, however. Him sending sneakers to Snoop Dogg was a sign of a peace pact between the two.

Snoop Dogg mocks Clippers superfan Marcellus Wiley following Kawhi’s gift to him

Kawhi’s magnanimity is made all the more powerful given how Snoop Dogg had trolled him and the Clippers for their meltdown in the playoffs. The new New Balance sneakers look pretty swell as well.

Despite getting trolled by Snoopy, Wiley hit back with a pretty good insult of his own.

“Damn, I thought losing up 3-1 hurt…now this?! Damn! Don’t trip @clipperdarrell He owed @snoopdogg those shoes for clowning his Fakers in free agency last year… #backpay”

The Clippers will definitely be back with a vengeance next season. The kind of meltdown they had last season was an anomaly for a player of Kawhi’s prowess, and he’ll be hoping to make amends for his scoreless 4th quarter in Game 7 this time around.

The Clippers are, however, in danger of not being able to keep their squad together. Montrezl Harrell is a free agent, while there have been murmurs of a Lou Williams trade.


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