Todd Martin: ‘Roger Federer could play for a couple more years

Roger Federer Open Day

The International Tennis Hall of Fame and the US Open finalist from 1999, Todd Martin believes Roger Federer would be able to compete at the US Open just a day after the end of quarantine caused by the coronavirus. Praising the Swiss and his natural strokes which always come from the correct position, Martin is convinced that Federer can stay on the Tour for a couple of more years, especially after 2020, that may not see more tournaments by December due to this pandemic.

Martin thought that Roger could have retired at the Laver Cup in Geneva last year but when that didn’t happen, the Olympic Games could have been the next logical move for the Swiss to end his glorious career. With Tokyo postponed for 2021, Roger will certainly play until the following summer, not even thinking about a possible retirement day.

“Roger Federer would like to play the US Open right after quarantine; his game is so simple and intuitive,” Martin said. “He would be able to wake up and hit balls better than anyone at the moment; he is so natural.

People used to talk about Henri Leconte’s hand and how magical it was, that he could do so much when he was not in the right position. Well, Roger is always in the correct position, making Henri Leconte’s hand look like a beginner’s.

The Laver Cup in front of the home fans last year looked at one point in time as a logical farewell but that didn’t happen. I think most conventional wisdom went towards 2020 and the Olympics, that Roger would call it a day after that event.

With the Olympic postponed for 2021, I would imagine it will compel him to play another year. Roger needs to end his career on a high note. Physically, he is more than prepared to extend his tennis journey and we shouldn’t be surprised if he stays for a couple more years.”


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