Toni Nadal: ‘I would like to see Roger Federer at a great level when he returns’

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The decision by Roger Federer to undergo a new knee surgery has already made much mention, already giving the appointment to 2021. As already happened in 2016, the Swiss Maestro wants to take all the time necessary to return to 100% of the shape and go chasing the last gems of his inimitable career.

Numerous insiders expressed some doubts about the real chances of the 38 year old from Basel to be competitive again at very high levels. During a recent interview with Mundo Deportivo, Toni Nadal expressed his displeasure over the physical fallout of the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

Toni Nadal on Roger Federer
“I am very sorry for Roger Federer’s injury, since he is a person I enjoy watching tennis. I don’t like it so much when he plays against my nephew (laughs), but there is no doubt in affirming that Federer is a great champion and I would like to see him again at a great level when he returns from the injury.

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Without a doubt, that statement was very bad news for the world of tennis. From here I want to send him encouragement and tell him that everything will turn out very well. don’t play anymore this season and hopefully your knee will recover as soon as possible” – Toni Nadal explained.

He also commented on the new calendar released by the ATP a few days ago: “It is true that the US Open and Roland Garros are very close on the calendar and that Rafael could rethink choosing to play only one. That in the same month two Grand Slams are played and that you are from different surfaces … US Open, Madrid, Roma and Roland Garros in a row make players have to opt for some tournaments and even more so when they have been away from the courts for several months.

If you play all the tournaments in a row you can be at risk of injury and that would be catastrophic.” The ATP Tour will resume in Washington from 14 August while the WTA starts in Palermo, Italy, on 3 August. Roland Garros chiefs said Wednesday that the delayed tournament will get under way on 27 September as the ruling bodies of world tennis revealed a new-look calendar for a sport on ice since mid-March due to the coronavirus.

Roland Garros was switched from its traditional May-June slot because of the pandemic with 20 September pencilled in as a start date.


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