Venus Williams Reveals Serena Williams’ Hidden Talent

Serena Williams on mode

The bond between Serena Williams and Venus Williams is a special one. The ‘Power Sisters’ not only complement but always look to learn from each other. Apart from tennis, the two share similar kinds of interest in fashion and designing.



Recently, Serena invited Venus to be a part of the team that will design her home in Miami. Venus seemed pretty interested in that and also revealed Serena’s hidden talent in a recent interview.

“She’s really good at space planning, which is interesting because before I was doing any of this sort of design, I couldn’t do that,” said Venus Williams in the interview.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

It is something really cool to know as most fans were unaware that Serena had an interest in interior designing and space planning. She further said that she was an expert in creating spaces and connections.

“So, it’s interesting how she has a knack for it and creating spaces and connections. It’s pretty cool,” added Venus.

“I love interiors, honestly”- Serena Williams

Responding to her sister’s praise, Serena also admitted that she loves interiors. She said that she has spent much time knowing about them and learned a lot after that.

“I’ve learned a lot of stuff I never thought I would have learned. I love interiors, honestly,” replied a confident Serena Williams.

The 39-year-old further talked about her areas of interests and tastes. She claimed that fashion was one of her biggest strengths and she had worked really hard on the subject.

“It’s been fun for me because I think fashion is definitely my stronger area more so than interiors. But I do know that I have certain things that I like and have certain tastes,” concluded the 23-time Grand Slam winner.

serena williams..

Fashion and Interior designing are certainly the areas where Serena Williams excels besides tennis. Fans are really excited to see her make a comeback at the Australian Open 2021. Will she be able to win her 24th Grand Slam title in Melbourne?


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