WATCH: Novak Djokovic’s Wife Has The Cutest Birthday Wish For Him

Novak Djokovic & Jelena

Novak Djokovic celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday. The Serbian legend has had a distinguished career in tennis along with his numerous philanthropic initiatives.


That’s why he received good wishes on his birthday from around the globe. One of the most important persons in his life is his wife Jelena Djokovic. She is at the forefront of his philanthropic activities discussed earlier.

Jelena heads the Novak Djokovic Foundation which pledges to support underprivileged children with their education. Needless to say, she plays a key role in Novak‘s personal and professional life. Jelena decided to wish Novak on his birthday in her own cute little way.

Novak Djokovic & Wife smile

How did Jelena wish Novak Djokovic?
Helena’s gift to Novak Djokovic wasn’t just a gift for him. It was actually a gift for all the fans of the couple.

She posted a video via her Twitter account where the beautiful couple can be seen dancing with each other. Jelena wished him all the happiness on his birthday while saying that 33 was a special number. The number is considered to be sacred in many religious sects and probably she was referring to that fact.

Novak Djokovic & Wife snap

The last time that Jelena was in news was not a very pleasant time for the couple. They have faced flak from a sizeable majority of the tennis fans for promoting non-scientific theories regarding the Coronavirus through their social media accounts.

Novak Djokovic & wife

Jelena had posted a video on her Instagram which connected the pandemic to 5g internet installation. This was a conspiracy theory by an American doctor. Jelena actually saw her video being taken down by Instagram as it violated their community guidelines.

Novak Djokovic with Jelena Djokovic

As long as the couple refrains from controversies, they are very well-liked among the tennis fraternity. They just need to be more responsible about their social status. This video proves yet again why we love them so much in the first place to begin.

Novak Djokovic with wife


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