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WATCH: Roger Federer Makes a Special Appearance at US Open 2020 Finals



Even when he is physically absent from a major tournament, Roger Federer inevitably finds himself as the talk of the town. Recently, the US Open 2020 organizers played a special video featuring the renowned Swiss star just before the ladies’ finals at Flushing Meadows.

The man has had a lot of influence on the tennis court and away from it. So, one must wonder why there isn’t a hagiography about him yet. Coming to the video, the former World number one had an interaction with critical care nurse Helen Richards.

It was largely a light-hearted conversation between the two. Richards confessed to Roger Federer that she was not a very good tennis player. Federer also had a confession, where he was not such a good nurse, especially to his children.

What else did Roger Federer and Helen Richards say?
According to Richards, when she was young, she always entertained the idea of becoming a nurse. Coming to the present, she revealed that there have been quite a few COVID-19 outbreaks in Melbourne.

She counted herself lucky to have the opportunity to support her fellow staff. Richards also told Roger Federer that the Australian public health system is very well-funded.

For the moment, World Number four Roger Federer is recovering from two knee surgeries. The good news is that it appears that it won’t be long before he is fighting fit once again.

The Swiss tennis ace elected to sit out for the entire 2020 season, much to his fans’ disappointment. Luckily, he has now begun some light training to get back in the groove.

According to coach, Severin Luthi, the rehabilitation is going quite swimmingly. Of course, the days after the procedure are far from perfect, and there are days when things are better or worse.

In spite of this, Roger Federer is proving that he is an absolute trooper. Luthi confirmed that the Swiss star has commenced working alongside his fitness trainer Pierre Paganini.

Federer is taking baby steps towards his recovery, but his primary focus is on achieving full physical fitness. Hopefully, for his and everyone else’s sakes, he gets back in action soon, COVID-19 crisis notwithstanding.

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Serena Williams insists she won’t be a ‘pushy mum’ ahead of daughter’s first tennis lesson



Serena Williams insisted she wasn’t going to be an overprotective tennis mum after dropping her three-year-old daughter off Olympia off for her first lesson.

And she revealed little Olympia’s new instructor had no idea she’d be teaching the offspring of a 23-time Grand Slam singles winner, arguably the greatest women’s player of all time.

Serena shared the milestone moment with fans in a series of Instagram stories.

Sporting a yellow Nike cap, she said: ‘Guys, I signed Olympia up for tennis lessons.

‘Don’t even start with me because I’m not giving her tennis lessons, I signed her up for some. But the lady has no idea that it’s my daughter so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m not a pushy mom but I know how I like technique so I’ll make sure she’s good at teaching Olympia some techniques.’

Olympia showed off her new tennis outfit (Picture:@serenawilliams/Instagram)

The four-time Olympic gold medallist made sure her girl had all the best kit ahead of her first foray onto the court, including a tiny Wilson racket to match her mum’s.

Serena, known for her daring, stellar style, chose an adorable matching ensemble for Olympia’s debut.

The outfit seemed to have Olympia’s seal of approval too. A snap posted by her proud mum shows her dancing on the table, tongue-out, in the long-sleeved shirt and skirt in an abstract black-and-white pattern.

Olympia seemed less keen on her mum’s choice of pre-lesson entertainment, as Serena insisted on running over some pro match film before the lesson.

‘See the open stance there?’ Serena explained to the tot. ‘And look at the speed!’

But it seems Olympia finally got her way and convinced her mum to switch to some cartoons.

‘This is the film she wanted to watch,’ explained Serena. ‘That baby not playing tennis Olympia.’

Hard as it might have been for the fiercely competitive athlete, Serena stuck to her word and didn’t linger after leaving Olympia at her lesson.

Wearing a bright pink tank and a grey mask, she said: ‘So she’s at her tennis lesson but I’m going to leave so I’m not distracting. I know how to leave and be.

‘I’m not like an overprotective mum, no matter what [husband] Alexis [Ohanian] says.’

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