WATCH: When Maria Sharapova Crashed Novak Djokovic’s Press Conference

Maria Sharapova and novak Djokovic sitting

The tennis fraternity absolutely loves Novak Djokovic. While he might not be able to match the popularity levels of his Big 3 counterparts, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, the rumor mill has always indicated that the players like him more. And that’s why he’s also the President of the ATP Player Council.


He is the players’ representative in the truest sense. One of the players who has always spoken highly of Novak is the Russian sensation, Maria Sharapova.

The two have also always been close friends. They recently divulged a lot of details about their relationship on an Instagram Live session.

Novak Djokovic press

One of the funniest moments they shared together earlier in their careers was at a press conference.

Let’s find out what happened after Maria decided to crash Novak Djokovic’s press conference.

What happened when Maria Sharapova crashed the press conference of Novak Djokovic?
It was Wimbledon 2012 and Novak Djokovic was talking about his performance in the post-match press conference. At one point, Novak even touched upon a detail of his personal life. He mentioned he was living with his girlfriend along with the pair’s pet dog.


Maria decided to interrupt him there as she flirted with Novak in a manner that would make any guy blush. She remarked that it was no surprise the dog was cute, considering who its owner was. Novak was visibly flustered as he said he had a little poodle and went on to reveal even Maria had a dog of her own.

Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic

Maria continued with the jokes as she said her dog was fat. However, possibly the wittiest statement came from Novak when was asked about the name of his dog. He revealed it to be Pierre.

The name originates from France, later becoming quite popular in Germany. Moreover, since the dog was Serbian, Nole joked about how Pierre had a multinational character. The chemistry between the two players gave us a brief insight into why some fans suspected they were dating earlier. It’s safe to say that both are happy in their lives with their respective romantic partners.

Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic snap


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