WATCH:Jennifer Love Hewitt Stuns As She Posted Video Of Her Newest Look “My New look and new vibes!”

When not filming the popular Fox drama 9-1-1 with Angela Bassett, gorgeous actress/singer Jennifer Love Hewitt (who plays 9-1-1 dispatcher Maddie Buckley Kendall) spends time with husband of six years, and her former The Client co-star Brian Hallisday, and their two children — a 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.


Since revealing her new blond bob and long lashes in the selfie from her car above, Hewitt has been flooded with compliments from fans. “Wow you look incredible” and “love the new hair color” are just a few.

She captioned the video above: “New look and new vibes! I’m feeling ready for joy, light, love, fun and silly energy. Asking the universe around me to make space for me and those I love to feel unapologetic joy and gratitude.”


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