Wow! Serena Williams’ dance performance with her daughter will make your day

Serena Williams and daughter

Coronavirus lockdown has brought many hidden talents out of the box. One such talent that we have seen is of ace tennis player Serena Williams who has shared her dance video on Instagram.

Williams and daughter

In the video, Serena can be seen dancing along with her daughter. Interestingly, the mother and daughter were dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

It’s quite exciting for tennis player’s fans who have never seen this part of Serena. Both mother and daughter can be seen wearing yellow dresses that resemble the yellow gown of the Belle wears to the ball with the Beast. Even they were also singing Belle’s song from the film called Bonjour.

The video started with Serena singing a song, “Every day, like the one before.” The duo was dancing around the room in the same colour costume.

Serena and daughter

She then continues, “Little town/Full of little people/Waking up to say/Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour.”

After Serena uploaded this lovely clip on social media, her comment sections have been flooded with several amazing comments. Even Serena’s sister Venus Williams also commented, “I love her so much!!!…but why is the mom also in a princess dress? (sic).”


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