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WWE: Becky Lynch is ready to kick down Hollywood’s door



Becky Lynch has gone through some tumultuous battles in her WWE career. She battled tough competition in the form of future Hall of Famers like Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Ronda Rousey. She battled her way up the ladder to become a Champ Champ. She battled the patriarchy by dubbing herself The Man as a constructive middle finger to the “The Man.”


But now, she takes on a whole new battle as she tests the waters in Tinseltown. The other night on Showtime, she made a cameo on the network’s hit show Billions for its fifth season opener, while new reports reveal she has a secret role in an upcoming Marvel movie.

This begs the question: is Lynch ready for the challenge? You can bet your top dollar she is.

Becky Lynch is far from the first WWE Superstar to go Hollywood. The most successful to do so in recent memory are obviously John Cena and especially The Rock, meaning the Raw Women’s Champion has some big shoes to fill.

Thankfully, she has heeded advice from both men on the best way to take on Hollywood and how to make a successful transition from the squared circle to the celluloid big screen.

But of course, any movie career with longevity only comes to those who actually has acting skills. Which, despite acting basically being a mandatory skill for wrestlers, is easier said than done. Even Cena and Rocky didn’t perfect their acting ability until much later into their careers.

This is where Lynch is different. Both Cena and Rock made a name for themselves in wrestling by cutting electric promos for the crowd, but more often than not, we’ve seen Lynch excel in quieter, nuanced promos that did not demand the crowd pop.

Her best promos in the last year have come from the backstage area where she, instead, demands a connection by locking eyes with us at home; at the camera. Promos like this. Or this. Special shoutout to her post-attack promo where she screamed venom at the camera, moments after looking shaken out of her boots.

And who can forget the tour de force she committed to the screen alongside Shayna Baszler, which many praised as one of the best promos of 2019?

All of these promos, in retrospect, feel like they practically prepared her for the big stage that Hollywood acting has to offer. And if these promos offer just a taste of what she’s capable of in a feature length picture, then filmgoers have a lot to be excited about.

She’s got the acting chops, she’s got the tutelage from John Cena and The Rock, and she’s already booked in Hollywood’s highest grossing franchise ever. Plus, if her media appearances show us anything, she has enough crossover appeal to entertain the masses, including non-wrestling fans.

All things considered, Becky Lynch may be on her way to becoming wrestling’s next big blockbuster movie star.

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