WWE Consider Charlotte Flair A “Superior” Talent

Charlotte in ring

In the absence of Becky Lynch, who is taking a career sabbatical as she expects the birth of her first child, WWE is doing everything they can to preserve Charlotte Flair’s status a ‘superior’ talent.

Charlotte flair

That is, according to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, who writes in this week’s edition of his newsletter that the finish to Flair’s three way with Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley was planned in such a way to remove the NXT Championship from ‘The Queen’ whilst protecting her as much as possible.

The close of the match saw Shirai pin Ripley whilst the Australian was locked in Charlotte’s Figure-Eight, ensuring the outgoing champion looked strong even in defeat. It’s understood that, now previous top female performer Lynch is gone, WWE want Flair to fill her role. It’s probable she would not have captured the NXT strap at WrestleMania had the company known Lynch was to depart shortly afterwards.

WWE’s initial idea of having Flair occupy a position on NXT to help put over the brand’s soon-to-be-promoted stars has been complicated by their sudden necessity to have her fill a top role on the main roster. Hence, why she relinquished the title in the manner she did, and why it is unlikely we will see her losing clean on NXT going forwards.


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