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WWE Extreme Rules: Seth Rollins vomits at ringside after ‘extracting’ Rey Mysterio’s eye



Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio met at Extreme Rules in an ‘Eye for an Eye’ match on Sunday night.

WWE Extreme Rules: Seth Rollins vomits at ringside after 'extracting' Rey Mysterio's eye

Ahead of the PPV, WWE confirmed that a winner would only be declared when they had ‘extracted their opponent’s eye’.

But it would be a fitting end to what’s become a very intense and personal rivalry between the pair.

The match was made after Rollins put Mysterio on the shelf by driving his eye into the steel steps on RAW.

The Master of the 619 and his son, Dominik, retaliated in the following weeks, leading to an ‘Eye for an Eye’ match at Extreme Rules.

It certainly didn’t disappoint, either.

Rollins and Mysterio took ‘The Horror Show’ tagline to another level, beating the hell out of each other in a bout that lasted almost 20 minutes.

Tables, chairs and kendo sticks were used throughout – but the most dangerous weapon proved to be the steel steps again.

After avoiding Mysterio’s attack, Rollins viciously drove his opponent’s eye into the corner point of the steps before stepping back, looking to finish things with a curb stomp.

But as he approached, the Monday Night Messiah took one look at Rey, turned around and vomited at ringside.

It seems he’d already ‘extracted’ Mysterio’s eye and Dominik came rushing down the ramp shouting ‘his eye’s sticking out of his head’ as the referee rang the bell. Check out the finish below:

How gruesome. Of course, smart camera work kept Mysterio’s face covered the whole time, but Rollins, Rey and Dominik played their parts well.

Where WWE go next with this feud remains to be seen. SummerSlam is only a month away and these two could put things to bed for good at a big PPV.

Alternatively, this could be the last time we Mysterio in WWE, considering he’s not currently under contract with the company.

Should this be the legend’s last match, he certainly went out with a bang.

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