WWE News: Seth Rollins Lashes Out At Jim Cornette For Disrespecting Becky Lynch

Seth Rollins

Jim Cornette is no stranger to controversy, but his recent disrespectful comments about Becky Lynch have caught the attention of her fiance, Seth Rollins. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Rollins recently appeared on the After the Bell podcast, where he opened up about his thoughts on the matter.
According to the WWE superstar, Cornette’s comments caught him “off guard.” Rollins also described Cornette’s remarks as “misogynist” and noted how he has a tendency to say derogatory things about women in the wrestling industry.

Rollins also stated that even though a lot of his peers have no respect for Cornette, he still expected more from him due to their relationship. However, Cornette disrespecting Lynch appears to have killed any positive thoughts that Rollins had left for the legendary manager.

“I was still holding on to hope that somewhere along the line there was a personal connection between Jim and I that he would think twice before making just some egregious comments about women, about my wife. I can’t even forgive them. I don’t even want to repeat them.”

Cornette was critical of Lynch’s decision to start a family right now because she’s in her prime. He believes that having a child will result in her losing some of her physically appealing qualities and risk her position as one of the company’s biggest draws.

According to Cornette, Lynch is still young enough to wait a few years before having a baby, and she should be using this period of her career to focus on making enough money to last for life.


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