WWE SmackDown: 5 Reasons why Sasha Banks and Bayley became the Women’s Tag Team Champions

Sasha Banks and Bayley n

SmackDown was a show that had its moments but I have to say that I did not expect Bayley and Sasha Banks to end the show with their hands raised as Women’s Tag Team Champions. WWE did a pretty commendable job in making us think that this was just another by-the-numbers contest, and then suddenly, out of nowhere Bayley and Sasha Banks pulled out the big win.


But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made to me. And in this article, I shall elaborate upon 5 reasons why I believe that Sasha Banks and Bayley dethroned Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions this week on SmackDown.

So now, without further ado, I present 5 reasons for the same.
#5 To build further tension between Sasha Banks and Bayley

Yes, Sasha Banks and Bayley are at the very top of the mountain right now and yes, they did go off the air with a big victory over Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. But the fact of the matter is that Sasha Banks and Bayley had problems during the match. In fact, let me go one step further and say that Sasha Banks and Bayley have had problems throughout the year and it’s only a matter of time before they dissolve for good.

And I believe that they can potentially dissolve because Sasha Banks vs. Bayley is going to be a money match whenever it happens. Bayley has proved that she is a far more natural heel than we ever believed and Sasha Banks does not play second fiddle to anyone.

Let me assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that the next few weeks are going to be very dramatic indeed for the two women.

#4 Lack of opponents for Bayley to take on at WWE Backlash

Michael Cole keeps talking about how Sasha Banks and Bayley are on the verge of splitting up almost every week on WWE SmackDown, much to the annoyance of Corey Graves. But another thing that he keeps mentioning almost every week is the fact that Bayley has been the SmackDown Women’s Champion for the longest time. And one knows from how much it is being hammered into the minds of the WWE Universe that it will be an integral part of the Bayley and Sasha Banks story, moving forward.

Listen, you don’t get to become the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion without running through everyone in the roster from Lacey Evans to Tamina Snuka. If you were to scan the current roster for potential opponents for Bayley, the only real opponent that comes to mind is Sasha Banks. And we know that WWE doesn’t want to do Bayley vs. Sasha Banks until the breakup angle has played to the point of fruition. So, why not potentially have them in a tag team match at Backlash (presumably, this is the direction they will be going in)?

#3 Allowing Sasha Banks and Bayley to move to RAW and NXT and mix it up there as well

Not long ago, we saw how Charlotte Flair, who is the current NXT Women’s Champion came to SmackDown to mix it up with Bayley and the two women had one of the best matches that I can remember in a while. Sasha Banks and Bayley can go over to other brands now as WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and mix it up with the best that they have to offer.

And this includes NXT because we know that both Sasha Banks and Bayley have a soft spot for the brand, considering that they created history there. I am pretty certain that the talent on the Black and Gold brand will be thrilled to get an opportunity to mix it up with two veterans like Sasha Banks and Bayley.

In fact, maybe new teams could be formed with underutilized talents such as Liv Morgan and even Lana, who could step into the ring once again now that she is no longer occupied with Lashley.

#2 The creation of Bayley 2-belts

Yes, I am very much aware that Becky Lynch is on a leave of absence already and how could you not be considering the kind of mainstream news it made when the announcement was first made. All I’m saying is that Becky Lynch loves sports entertainment and WWE far too much for this to be her final appearance in the company and I am certain that at a later, day, whenever that is, she would love to mix it up with Bayley and Sasha Banks again.

Only this time, she will have ample reason to want to take on the current SmackDown Women’s Champion and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Bayley (and by association Sasha Banks as well) because Bayley 2-belts is here!

Social media has already made the connection and people are going wild with speculation about a match between Bayley and Becky Lynch at some point in the future because of this very reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sasha Banks becomes a double champion at some point in the future too, considering how big WWE seems to be on her.

#1 SmackDown’s efforts to make the titles relevant again

Listen, I think it would be fair to say that Sasha Banks and Bayley can put the Women’s Tag Team Division on the map again. And this is not a knock at Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, but while they were an absolutely adorable team, their feud with The IIconics did not set the world on fire like as it should have, and Bayley and Sasha Banks can potentially rectify this.

Sasha Banks and Bayley were the two women who pushed for the titles, to begin with, and they are considerably better workers than most women in WWE. By that, I mean that pretty much everyone they work with will be elevated because they can tell stories from bell-to-bell like few others.

But more importantly, with them in the mix, WWE will feature the titles in the main event mix, as we saw on this week’s show.

The possibility of drama and dissension in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title picture, instead of merely having matches will really catapult it to the top.


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