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WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair Poses In Black Bralette & Addresses Her Critics: ‘I Twirl On Them Haters’



Charlotte Flair took to Twitter this weekend and stunned her 1.8 million followers with a glamorous picture that took aim at her critics

In the photo, the WWE superstar wore a black silk bralette with matching thigh-high heeled boots. The outfit was complemented with a black tassel skirt that showed off her long legs and toned figure.

Flair stood in front of a plain backdrop and posed with her eyes closed and her arms in the air. She had a carefree smile on her face and appeared to be in an upbeat mood, knowing that she’s worked hard for her accomplishments.

In the accompanying caption, she highlighted how she’s had to grind to be where she is today, and she doesn’t care what her naysayers have to say about her. According to the superstar, she twirls on her “haters.”

However, while “The Queen” acknowledged her so-called critics in the post, the comments section was full of compliments and admiration for the 12-time Women’s Champion.

Most of the criticism lobbed at Flair in the past has been in regard to how prominently featured she’s been on WWE television, but the overall response to her picture made it clear that some fans can’t wait to see her back on their screens.

I think you’ve become an even bigger star in your absence. You’re still a part of every conversation and near the top of every list. We can’t wait for your return,” wrote one of her many admirers on Twitter.

“You are incredible and by your positivity & casting aside of haters, you inspire us all to try to rise above them too. Everyone has them, just the great ones have more,” a second fan tweeted.

“I loved you then and I love you now! You are a true superstar. You deserve it ALL,” another one of “The Queen’s” supporters tweeted.

As one of the commenters pointed out, Flair has been absent from WWE programming in recent months. She is currently recovering from surgery, but she has teased her comeback in recent days.

As The Inquisitr documented, Flair hinted that she might be getting set to manage Andrade, the wrestler she’s currently engaged to in real life. He recently parted ways with Zelina Vega and might be looking for another ally to replace her.

The Inquisitr article highlighted that Flair reportedly won’t be ready to wrestle again for quite some time yet, though serving as a manager could still see her contribute to the product without having to get physical

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WATCH: Drew McIntyre stabbed Randy Orton with pen after WWE Raw went off the air



Monday’s episode of WWE Raw marked the first episode following Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event.

In the headliner of this event, Randy Orton beat Drew McIntyre in a Hell in a Cell match to win the WWE Title. On Raw, McIntyre was in a bad mood as a result and was on a path of destruction.

The end of the show saw McIntyre and Orton brawl. We noted on the site that the show ended abruptly after Orton decided to fight with McIntyre instead of having a face-to-face with Bray Wyatt. The last thing that viewers in the United States saw was Orton and McIntyre brawling on the announce table.

The live feed continued in Canada, which saw McIntyre recover and get in control to the point where he grabbed a pen and “stabbed” Orton in the eye with it.

WWE later uploaded footage of the segment with this part included. It will be interesting to see if that footage stays up as the pen was something you had to be looking for.

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