WWE’s Becky Lynch Changes Up Her Look

becky lynch with friends

The former Raw Women’s Champion posted a fitness picture on Instagram with Seth Rollins and some other friends. It shows that Becky has stripped the trademark orange dye from her hair – she’s rocking a dark blonde colour instead.

becky acted

The pic was a tribute to George Floyd, and shows a workout the quartet did in his honour.

It’s certainly interesting that Lynch has moved away from dying her hair now she’s no longer on TV for the foreseeable. That orange look had become such a big part of her act over the years; it’s difficult to imagine seeing ‘The Man’ without her blazing hairdo.

Nobody can say for sure if Becky will reach for the dye once again whenever she’s finally able to return to television. Could this be the dawn of a bold new era for ‘The Mom’?

She looked happy, relaxed and well-rested in the Insta pic. Some time off, despite the circumstances, must be a blessing for Becky right now after so long on the road. She was due a holiday!


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