Understanding Eating Disorders

Understanding Eating Disorders‘Take responsibility for your own health, he who guards his mouth and his tongue or appetite keeps himself from calamity. Our health today is determined largely by our lifestyles, choices, physiological inheritance and our physical environment.

Many of us are digging our own graves with knife and folk. Too much of sugar, refined foods, salt, fat, protein, beverages, and snacks in our diet in a deadly mix. Only by adequate consumption of these substances and eating more whole plant foods, will we be able bring about optimum health and energy.

Understanding Eating Disorders -- warning signa
Understanding Eating Disorders — warning signals

Common factors which influence what we eat are our social life, routing and habit, culture and customs, occupation and income, food availability, psychological needs, health, social needs, family and friends.

Solution to most of our health problems today does not depend on physicians, technological advancement or the quality of our hospitals. Good health in today’s world depends on what we are willing to do for ourselves- how we choose to live especially how we eat, drink, exercise and whether or not we smoke.

Worst Foods to Eat
Worst Foods to Eat

We have to live a quality life and avoid the most common cause of premature death, diseases and suffering. By taking due advantage of the knowledge we have today, most of us can obtain a good maximum fitness.


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