You can go to the White House and celebrate your title’: Lakers’ LeBron James responds to Draymond Green’s suggestion

Draymond Green advised LeBron James and the Lakers to visit President elect Biden at the White House through Twitter.

With Associated Press calling the election results in favor of the Democratic nominee on Saturday, Joe Biden will return to government in January. Although Donald Trump and the Republicans will be applying for a recount, the result is all but final now. No amount of legal shenanigans can change the polls now.

The Warriors were the first team to refuse the traditional champions’ visit to the White House following their 2017 NBA championship. The Twitter war that ensued with Donald Trump incited a humorous response from LeBron, calling him a ‘bum’.

Draymond suggests LeBron and Lakers to visit the White House as champions

The broken tradition of NBA champions visiting the White House will now be restored, in all probability. James endorsed Biden 2 days before Election Day, indicating that he has a good relationship with the President Elect.

Draymond alluded to the same, and advised James to take the Lakers on a White House visit. Draymond and LeBron are both represented by Klutch Sports.

LeBron responded emphatically in the affirmative, saying he would be taking his liquor along with him as well.

Ordinarily, the White House visit takes place in January or February of the following year. The Cavaliers’ visit in 2016 was the only one that broke the trend, as James and co visited Barack Obama at his residence in November 2016. The expectation from LeBron and the Lakers in 2021 would be a visit around the All Star Weekend.


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