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The Journey of Self-Discovery

Success is not found in the university but in the student. Greatness is not in the library but in the individual. Power is not found in the crouches; it is found within you.

90% of the time, 90%of the people take unto the urge of looking for success amongst their friends and family members. That is a good thing, but most times vainly they search.

It is amazingly painful to know how much time, energy and efforts people spent trying to understand complex mathematical calculations and theory but how little knowledge they have about themselves. We obviously become strangers to our inner-selves.

Within each and every one of us is unexposed ability, reserved power, unused resource, untapped strength, capped capabilities, hidden talents, sleeping giant and buried gold.

Potential is the sum total of who you are, and what you are yet to reveal. It’s a deposit that waits to be released and maximized. You are capable of much more things than you are presently thinking, imagining or doing. Unless you continually try to reach higher, go further, see over and grasp something greater than you, you will never discover your full potential.

You may never know you capabilities until you are given or you take unto a responsibility. Your abilities need responsibility to expose its possibilities.


Skills Acquisition Nigeria
In this world, so many people cannot be great. These are people who are self-doubting, self-disapproving and self-condemning. They wait for authority or approval for anything and everything they want to get done.

The most unfortunate thing about these people is that they measure their greatness by the reactions of the people around them. And if the people around them refused to approve, endorse or hail them, they seize to feel great. On this note, their self-esteem begins to wither because they look upon what the people say they are; that is what they think are.

There is nothing more deadly to the life of a man than when he cannot perform an act based on his/her instinct or initiative. Initiative is the ability of being original. The ability of doing a thing without being told; acting out of your own thoughts, feelings and convictions’.

Many men have died and inevitably, many will still die because they don’t have this ability of doing things on their own accord.

What might you be, perhaps become, if you take onto the initiative of doing things based on your own authority or conviction.

Prepare your mind, gather your moment or your energy together and launch into the sky. As you are falling, your wings will develop to steady you in the air. This is a one man fight!


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